The Pros and Cons of LED Grow Lights for Sale in Canada

LED grow lights may be one of the newest commercial greenhouse grow lights on the market today and they are also among the most popular. The main purpose of installing grow lights in the first place is to supplement or replace the sun in providing the light that plants need to make their own food, grow and thrive. Naturally, LED plant lights can be a part of your supplementary or primary routine to do this and that alone is enough reason to install them. However, they come with numerous additional advantages and some of these include:


  • Spectrum adjustment- LED plant lights can easily be adjusted to provide lights of different wavelengths within the visual colour spectrum and outside the UVB and Infrared spectrum. This is important because plants require different types of light to serve specific purposes. Blue light, for instance, encourages faster growth while red light, on the other hand, encourages the plants to grow thicker, bushier and lusher. 
  • Safety- most of the more common commercial greenhouse grow lights contain substances such as mercury which are considered harmful, but LED grow lights do not have any such substances and are designed according to ROHS standards making them perfectly safe to use.
  • Low heat emission- Passive heat designs (no fans) enable growers to use LED UVB lights which emit low heat signature when they are in use, meaning that they do not affect the air temperature around the plants. This allows gardeners to be able to place them closer to the plants than they would do with other types of grow lights, resulting in an aromatic and flavourful crop.
  • Cost efficiency- Top of the class agri-grow lights from manufacturers, such as EmersonGrow, come at very affordable prices and are also more cost effective. In reducing energy consumption, your production facility reaps the benefit of offsetting capital costs for the short & long run because of their low energy consumption. LED grow lights by EmersonGrow are built for sustainability and longevity.

The Cons

LED grow lights are relatively more expensive to buy compared to other grow lights. This could be a problem for some consumers. There are many grow light solutions on the market and many solutions are a large expense. LED grow lights are considered heavy duty because they turn on instantly, do not flicker, and create a lot of focused light-waves. LEDs are a higher cost but as compared to their predecessors, they have virtually no maintenance expenses.

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