What is Emersongrow Technology Inc. ?

EmersonGrow is a company in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, that specializes in indoor plant vertical farming lighting systems and provides innovative solutions for indoor farming and plant growth. The company's products aim to improve the yield and quality of crops by simulating the optimal light spectrum for plant growth.

From 360 degree LED Grow Lights, to  Grow Walls, EmersonGrow design and provide flexible solutions customized for your need. 

EmersonGrow is known for utilizing a proprietary technology to control the recipe with the Emerson Effect, a specific light spectrum that mimics the natural light environment for plants and enhances their growth and health.


Our Mission at EmersonGrow: Revolutionizing Indoor Farming with Innovative Technology

EmersonGrow is a technology company that designs, engineers, and manufactures High Efficiency SunBox™-Digital Sun Control Device™ and patented activated carbon air filter for indoor farms.


We focused on the research and development of the indoor grow lighting systems production and global sales, including Digital Sun Control for Vertical Farming also called Sun Box, The control module allows precise application of Digital Sun Control Device. SunBox® is an indoor grow light solutions for Cannabis & Vegetable Growers.  


SunBox: The Future of Indoor Grow Lighting

Our SunBox will make it possible for every home to produce its own healthy organic food – 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The Digital Sun Control for Vertical Farming, also known as SunBox, is our advanced indoor lighting and control system. Indoor LED grow lights are plugged into the Sun Box, which controls the light cycles from seedling to harvest. The control module allows precise application of light cycles, which leads to better yields and better-tasting produce.

Digital Sun Control Device: Professional and Innovative Vertical Gourd Growing Lighting System

Our Digital Sun Control Device/SunBox is a professional and innovative vertical gourd growing lighting system, based on the newest high-tech LED and semiconductor chip. It is a complete set of equipment for Digital Sun Control Device that helps to increase yield and gives out better-tasting food in grows vertical farming worldwide. It can be applied to all types of vertical agriculture growing tubes.

EmersonGrow: Deepening the Local Agriculture System with Advanced Application Solutions

At EmersonGrow, we are committed to deepening the local agriculture system with our advanced application solutions. Our SunBox, SunControl Device, and other agricultural technologies deepen the local agriculture system. They are advanced application solutions with features of Time, Hours, Lights, and Photosynthesis.  


Changing the World through Food with EmersonGrow

At EmersonGrow, we are on a mission to change the world through food. We believe food grows people and people grow food. Our vision is to make the world better, healthier, and more resourceful. We offer a comprehensive line of sustainable technology that simplifies the processes associated with plant industrial. We continually innovate and differentiate products to trigger a revolution in the worldwide farming industry.

Our mission is to source the best possible seedlings and plants, as well as climate controls and nutrients for growing, to enable every kind of eater to enjoy the choicest produce all year-round. In this way we aim to change the food

To help plants grow bigger, faster and healthier by choosing proper light wavelength and wavelength sequence to optimize the photosynthesis of the plants.

Our mission is to change the world through food. Food is changing the world. For us, food is more than just eating. We believe food grows people and people grow food. Food are our passion and our future.

Our mission is to preserve the precious ecosystem for the future generations and improve quality of agricultural cultivation by using artificial light and provide diverse selection of high quality produce for local and global food markets. We make you grow plants with the natural sunshine, just like mother nature intended.


To develop the most important and essential equipment for indoor farms to trigger a revolution in worldwide farming industry.

To continually innovate and differentiate products by providing a comprehensive line of sustainable technology that simplifies the processes associated with plant industry.

We help to build a better future so everyone could receive healthy food, fresh vegetables more frequently and affordable.

To develop, design and commercialize new software for industrial agrobusiness and to improve the quality life of people in rural areas by increasing their income.

To grow more food in less space using natural sunlight.


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