How to Select the Best Commercial Greenhouse Grow Lights

In addition to soil and moisture, plants need light to survive and thrive. Traditionally, plants have always relied on the sun to provide the light that they need to produce their food through photosynthesis. However, if you live in Canada then you know that not every day is a sunny day. In fact, during the cold winter season it is quite common to go for days or even months without seeing the sun. This is not good for plants and if you are a commercial grower with a greenhouse then you will have to find a different source of light to supplement the missing sunlight that is used for photosynthesis. Commercial greenhouse grow lights are perfect for this purpose. Research has shown that they are not only capable of supplementing the light from the sun when it is not adequate but they can actually replace the sun completely and that the plants can thrive even better under the grow lights than they would in the sun. However, it is essential that you choose the right agri-grow lights to achieve such success.

There are different types of commercial greenhouse grow lights that are available on the market today and choosing the right one can be quite challenging, particularly for people who are doing so for the first time. Most people prefer to go with LED plant lights, or Light Emitting Diode plant lights in full spectrum. LED UVB light is the newest type of grow light spectral feature and is well on its way to becoming the most popular option because of the advantages that comes with it. Different types of grow lights are designed to produce different types and qualities of light. You should understand that plants are able to break down natural light into colours of different wavelengths on the UV spectrum and use them for different purposes. When choosing which type of grow light to opt for, you should keep in mind the specific objectives that you wish to achieve using digital technology. If, for instance, you are looking for artificial light that will have maximum impact on converting photons for plants to conduct photosynthesis then you may know that you’ll need a solution which has blue light and red light as they are the main drivers within the visual colour spectrum. UVB and Infrared are found situated just outside of the visual colour spectrum. Red light can create blooms on plants by triggering a hormone response in the plant while blue light, at the opposite end of the visual colour spectrum, encourages bushy and compact growth of the plant.

Another factor that you might also want to take into consideration when looking for LED grow lights for sale in Canada is how much they cost. The prices of LED grow lights will usually vary from one supplier to another. You should know that you are getting the best value, at an affordable price point from EmersonGrow, as a designer and manufacturer, resulting in the most affordable agri-grow lights in the market.


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