Indoor Commercial Grow

Indoor Commercial Grow

In this project, we helped our client from facility design to lighting layout design, to increase yield and grow with unique flavour

Project Design

Indoor Commercial Grow, Facility Design and Lighting Layout

Crops Cultivated



Richmond Hill, Ontario

Products Used

TRANSFORMER | EG-X4 Indoor Commercial LED Lighting
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Over 36% Reduction

in energy Consumption with each EGX4 vs. high pressure sodium light

36 sq. ft.

Of Grow Canopy covered by just 1 unit of the EGX4 light

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In this project, we helped Etobigrow to reduce energy consumption and effectively set up their grow operation with our EGX3 Plus

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Green Barn

In this project, we helped Green Barn retrofitted their Greenhouse existing lighting to LED grow light, reduced energy consumption and optimized efficiency

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