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Our Story

EmersonGrow was founded on a vision to transform the user experience of LED Grow Energy Devices towards an integrated Digital Solar System. Our founder Nixon Chen began working with LED lights over 20 years ago through various companies and quickly became recognized as an innovator, inventor and leader in North America. The Company was established in 2017 with the design and prototyping of the Worlds First fully digital Quantum Cyber and Quantum Lite Boards. As the company began working with various indoor and greenhouse growers in Canada, EmersonGrow developed a portfolio of products to best suit the needs of grower in various environments. The products have helped maintain relationships with some of our largest clients as the team continues R&D in the controlled environment laboratory, placing the finishing touches on both the Digital Platform the integration of the 'Digital Brain' into all of our lighting designs.


Our purpose is to transform the consumer experience of LED grow lighting from analog to digital, enabling the introduction of machine learning to home and commercial growers.


Our vision is to support and evolve the agriculture industry by providing digital lighting solutions and by establishing the first global growers platform to help growers maximize their yields worldwide.

Values We
Believe In

Client Care

Our Team is committed to providing our clients with unparalleled service and care. From the moment a new client walks in the door or contacts us online, we are dedicated to making their experience exceed expectations.


Our Team is committed to working with environmentally conscious materials and design practices to develop our equipment.

We are committed to helping growers reduce their energy consumption through smarter, digital lighting solutions.


Our Team is committed to collaboration, innovation and evolution of our products and services. As a small team, we understand that collaboration is fundamental to our long-term success and remain committed to supporting both our clients and each other.