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How to Select the Best Commercial Greenhouse Grow Lights in 2023

For plants to flourish, they require more than just soil and water; light plays a pivotal role. While the sun has traditionally been the primary source of light for plants, not every region, especially places like Canada, is blessed with consistent sunlight. During the chilly winter months, the sun can be elusive for days, even months. This poses a challenge, especially for commercial growers with greenhouses. Enter LED grow lights, the game-changer in the world of indoor gardening and hydroponics.

Why LED Grow Lights are Essential for Plants

Plants harness light for photosynthesis, a process vital for their survival. In regions with inconsistent sunlight, LED grow lights serve as an indispensable tool. Not only do they supplement sunlight on gloomy days, but they can also replace natural sunlight entirely. Surprisingly, plants often thrive better under these lights than under direct sunlight.

Deciphering the Spectrum: The Science Behind LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights, especially those in full spectrum, are designed to mimic the sun's natural light. Plants have the ability to dissect natural light into various colors, each with its unique wavelength on the UV spectrum, serving distinct purposes. For instance:

  • Blue Light: Encourages bushy and compact growth.

  • Red Light: Triggers a hormone response, leading to blooming in plants.

  • UVB and Infrared: Situated outside the visual color spectrum, they play roles in various growth stages.

When selecting grow lights, it's crucial to understand your objectives. If your goal is to maximize photosynthesis, lights with both blue and red spectrums are ideal.

Making the Right Choice in 2023: Navigating the World of LED Grow Lights

The market is flooded with various types of commercial greenhouse grow lights. For first-timers, the plethora of options can be overwhelming. LED UVB light, a recent addition, is fast gaining popularity due to its myriad benefits. It's essential to choose lights that align with your specific needs and the plants you're cultivating.

Cost Considerations: Getting Value for Money

While prices of LED grow lights vary across suppliers, it's vital to ensure you're getting the best value. EmersonGrow Technologies stands out as a designer and manufacturer, offering some of the most affordable and efficient agri-grow lights in the market.

About EmersonGrow Inc.

Specializing in intelligent LED lighting solutions for agriculture, including food, flowers, and cannabis cultivation, EmersonGrow Inc. is a leading brand in Canada. Their expertise in digital Agricultural Grow Lighting Technologies sets them apart in the industry.



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